Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I wish I could say that I know more about Voivod but I'm afraid I don't as they are a bit ahead of my time. Interesting I should say that though as most who know will argue that Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour was ahead of his time. It can safely be said though that they are metal pioneers/legends/icons. If you don't know their music very well it would probably be wise to check them out, same goes for me.
Anyway, a bandmate of mine is now a bit of a
movie maker and his last project allowed him the opportunity to talk with Voivod, sadly right before the untimely death of Mr. D'Amour. However with this meeting a relationship was formed and he was invited back to put together a mini documentary about the upcoming new album from Voivod, fittingly titled 'Katorz'. An album that was assembled through pre-production recordings that Piggy had put together and a stockpile of home demos on his laptop. Pretty cool.
So there's an online preview of this upcoming doc online now,
check it out.

Read about Voivod's history
here or here. Read more about the mini doc here.

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