Friday, May 26, 2006


Metal, of course, can be very regional. Bay area thrash, Florida Death and more recently the Gothenburg sound are examples of how geography can somewhat define the style of music that is bred within it's borders. Now this may or may not help define this next band but for some reason when you hear that The Black Dahlia Murder is from Detroit you just think 'yeah, that sounds about right'.

A city made famous for it's automobile factories, techno and Eminem for some reason doesn't have as much of a reputation for metal bands, at least not many that I can think of. Surprising though considering how desolate and deprived many people consider it to be. Now, I mentioned before that Black Dahlia don't necessarily have a 'Detroit' sound but their material is so dense, caustic and vacant of melody that it just seems to fit. That's not to say that there is no apparent Scando influence happening here but there is something very American about their sound, especially on their more recent release, Miasma.

Anyway, they're pretty cool. Check out this video from Miasma called A Vulgar Picture.

Sidenotes: One singer, two styles.
Like Children of Bodom, the Black Dahlia is an infamous murder case.
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