Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Cousin Tim: You're getting pretty lazy with your posts.
Me: I know...
Cousin Tim: You gotta go back to some of the classics, the old stuff.
Me: hmm...

Well, unfortunately for Tim I don't think this next post will necessarily explore a classic that he maybe had in mind so Tim, I apologize. Oh, and eat it also.

Witchery may not be considered classic in the typical sense but what they certainly do without question is play music that calls on and respects artists that most would consider to have earned the title, albeit with a certain thrashy flair that few can match.

The label 'supergroup' can sometimes be used generously and an obvious example shouldn't be too hard to think of. With G 'n R 'legend' Gilby Clarke, locomotive of intelligence Tommy Lee and, well, ok fine Newsted has cred, anyway while these guys may be big names they definitely wouldn't stand a chance against a line-up consisting of Martin Axenrot (Bloodbath, Opeth), Patrik Jenson (The Haunted) and Sharlee D'Angelo (Mercyful Fate, Arch Enemy, Silk shirt wearing, long greasy hair sporting swashbuckling type). Seriously, check that out. No contest.

Something that I've talked about before is how for the most part modern thrash has become clinical or mechanical. A successful band like Lamb of God, who are good, can at times lose my interest because Chris Adler is actually a metronome with an outrageously long beard. Or a band like Unearth release music that is so refined and polished that it can fail to satisfy people, not to mention every song has a scheduled breakdown at the 2:30 mark. The new Unearth record even has some 'Iron Maiden' type guitar parts, but that's all they are, Iron Maiden guitar parts. I don't know, Unearth is ok but I've heard Slaughter of the Soul already, I don't need to hear Slaughter of the Slick. Precision doesn't always equal power, Witchery knows this. That's not to say that Witchery is sloppy, they did pummel Supernova into the ground at the Metal olympics after all but their music grinds along briskly with raw riffing that should please any old schooler.

Wicked from 2001's Symphony for the Devil is an awesome burst of thrash that isn't trying to break into any kind of undiscovered territory but should put a nice Gary Holt grip around your neck and shake your head with it's quick power chord riffing, Slayer-esque breakdown and trading leads.
What's also cool about this song and the band in general is the guitar tone. It's actually pretty 'jangly' for lack of a better word. The advantage to this is that notes stand out with more clarity.

Now I haven't heard the new Haunted record yet but from what people tell me and from what I've read they pretty much aren't even the same band anymore. Also considering the fact that the most recent Witchery record sounds more like recent Haunted makes one believe that Patrik Jenson is starting to slow down a bit. You know, putting more focus on 'song-writing'. Whatever the hell that means.

Sidenote: This post took me about 2 hours, I'm pathetic.

Saturday, September 02, 2006