Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Bit of a follow up here merely to point out that so far the first two of the three MAYhem shows have been just awesome. I'll work my way backwards.
Last night was Between the Buried & Me. The night got better when I found out that a friend of mine's band was opening as Chiodos had to cancel due to an illness in the band. I have no idea who Chiodos are and hadn't seen this friends band play live before so i was pretty happy with that turn of events. They're called
Arise and Ruin, they're good, check them out.
As expected BTBAM tore the place apart. One of the guitar players actually moved a bit this time which made it somewhat more visually entertaining. Either way they just killed. Glorious glory was had in the form of sweep picking, drum crushing and vocal magic.

Destruction - Awesome awesome. Total old school thrash goodness. These German's know how it's done and if I thought I could pull it off without looking like a complete twit I'd definitely rock a leather studded vest. Let's just say that the kids last night in their white belts and tight jeans didn't come close to being as awesome as Schmier and his leather and tight jeans.
Vader - Vaaaay Duuuuur!!! Holy hell. One of the best metal performances I've ever seen. Mr Robot drummer was unreal. They were absolutely punishing. Imagine standing in front of a tank, having it shoot you in the face and then run over you several times. Watching them was like that, tank metal.

Anyway, so far so good. Tomorrow night is Tomas Lindberg time when he struts his punk n' roll swagger with Disfear. Check them out


Metal Mark said...

That's cool that nowadays it's worth their while for Eurpean speed metal bands to come and tour North America. I remember in the late 80's when Kreator didn't come here until their third album and it was a long time until Sodom came over.

Chaosbeard said...

As lame as it is to talk about 'my band' I do have to say that we had the pleasure of opening for Sodom when they played here this year. Watching them play from the side of the stage was also a highlight.

Anonymous said...

wanted to go to this!