Wednesday, July 05, 2006


In light of my Unholy Alliance Tour experience last night I bring you a video.

The show was great althought it was unfortunate that Thine Eyes Bleed, being the new band on the bill, had to 'pay their dues' with terrible sound. We wouldn't want the new guys to sound as good as the established acts would we? Children of Bodom were as good as they have been all the other times I've seen them. Lamb of God did their job of fulfilling the knucklehead thirst, but they were as good as the other times I've seen them. Slayer were great and Lombardo gets better and better, good to see him back as always. But the night belonged to Mastodon, these guys rule.

Sidenote: A real post is coming soon.

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Metal Mark said...

I saw Mastodon last year with Cult of Luna (good) and Death by stereo (horrible) as support. There were no encores and very little talking between songs, but their sound was far bigger than on their albums. They were extremely heavy and tight.