Thursday, July 20, 2006


I swear I'm not on it, Warner Brothers that is. This is too good not to post though. As some/most/hopefully you know the new Mastodon record entitled Blood Mountain will be released on September 12th. The song Crystal Skull is now online at Mastodon's Website and their Myspace and it kills. Even better is the ripping lead, I always knew these guys had some shred in them and I'm glad they're putting it on display. There is also the first episode of the making of the new record online, drummers beware.

Also of note is that they will be on tour this fall and are playing the Phoenix in Toronto and I have a ticket. I'm almost jealous of myself. This will be the best prog-metal album about fighting mythical beasts while struggling to climb a mountain...ever.


Metal Mark said...

The major label debut. It's always a bit scary to me because there is the fear that the label will push towards a more commercial approach. Generally WB hasn't been bad about that. I am looking forward to this album. Mastodon are playing near where I live as well, but I an not sure if I am going or not. They are playing a larger venue than they played the last time around so I guess that says something about their popularity.

essteeyou said...

Dear Lord this album will most certainly do funny things to my loins.

I am literally going to lose my shit - it will fall right out of me.

The Mule said...

Have no fear, MM, the new album is filled with weirdass proggery that I'm sure WB—bless them—had absolutely no influence over.