Saturday, May 22, 2010

Web View.0

An online video hosting site is a very interesting place.
If you look up any song you know, especially one where musicianship is key, you'll find hundreds of bedroom interpretations. Having performed many bedroom interpretations myself I
get it, I just don't really get the idea of recording a video and posting it for all to see. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining or criticizing, it's just not something I'd do.

The web can be a very humbling experience and the availability of these videos really levels the playing field. When I was growing up I only had those I was imitating to compare myself to, and my teenaged thought process made me feel as though I had something most people don't. In 2010 you can simply type the name of a song and see all variations, interpretations, and levels of skill, hacking and scraping their way through the material.

In some cases you get young, green, and out of tune:

In other cases you get unassuming:

There's ambitious:

And this:

Like everything online there is no one forcing you to give attention to what you see, so complaining about it serves no purpose.
And the beauty is that there is almost always a trade-off.
Because if you're that good at what you do, and you do it with sincerity, skill, and passion:

Sometimes you just might end up getting a job with the very people you're honouring. And that to me is reason enough to know that the state of the web we're now all connected to is a pretty astonishing place.

Commented Vogg: "Hello, what’s up!! I am really happy to announce this short message for all DECAPITATED fans: As you all know, 2 years after the tragedies we had to suffer, I decided to continue the band. There’s no sense in stopping this amazing thing we built up so many years ago together with Witek, Sauron, Martin and Covan...I am very pleased to announce the new killer line-up of DECAPITATED: Kerim "Krimh“ Lechner on Drums – he’s a new blood, and very talented..."

There's a more recent video of Krimh playing a drum clinic where his skill and feel are greatly improved. It's clear that his new position with the band as well as a regular touring regime has given him a lot more confidence.

Decapitated is playing the Summer Slaughter tour this year, and it's so good to have them back.


Rafa (No Solo Metal) said...

Really inspiring player.
And reaaaaaaaaally inspiring story :)

Chaosbeard said...

The youtube audition is becoming a really interesting tool for bands.

Rafa (No Solo Metal) said...

I didnt think about it this way, but it definitely makes sense.
It's an interesting topic to post, I will let you know if I get inspired to write about it ;)

Chaosbeard said...

there's a band from Ontario called Threat Signal (maybe you've heard of them).
In between recording their debut for Nuclear Blast and their follow up they've replaced all but 1 member (the singer).
At least half of those replacements were acquired through youtube.

Rafa (No Solo Metal) said...

Impressive. They should be called Threat Signal 2.0 :)

Didnt know'em, I'll check it out