Tuesday, December 05, 2006


When a supreme talent arises in the metal community it can often be ignored by even more seasoned listeners because at times with this talent comes the desire to create the most caustic racket possible. In cases such as these the average to even advanced music fans are unable to digest what has been laid to .wav. In this case we're going to focus on Necrophagist. A band who falls into the commonly known metal genre as one of the many with too many names to bother attempting to label. Death, tech-death, math-tech, death-math, pyro-tech, ok so I'm starting to make these up but everyone else does so it's not even important. What is important is that if you can get passed the destructive drumming and grunting you'll find, in Necrophagists case, a guy who instead of applying his advanced brain to building a space station decided to pick up a guitar and almost single-handidly recreate the blast-math-being set on fire and put out with rock salt genre.

The band was originally a one man operation helmed by Muhammed Suicmez. His first full length record was called Onset of Putrefaction and he recorded the entire thing alone. If you have any desire to create music like this you'll probably want to start honing your drum machine abilities as it's unlikely you'll find someone who'll ever be able to replicate it live. Unless of course you're Suicmez and your first record does well enough to give you access to the impenetrable fortress where they keep the drummers that aren't accessible to the public unless you've proven your worth.

Another example of a similar band I've endorsed before on here is Decapitated. If you like them at all they can be a good starting point for Necrophagist. Well, Decapitated and say, Eat 'em and Smile by David Lee Roth. I say this because if it wasn't for the vocals you could almost be convinced that this album was recorded by Vai and Sheehan. That being said he did actually manage to put a band together and the newest record, 2004's Epitaph, is a tight and clean shred-fest in every way.

Symbiotic in Theory is a good example of all that this band is. The fast parts rip, the slower sections grind and the instrumentation is mind-boggling.


Metal Mark said...

You almost have me interested with the Vai reference. I kind of fell out of death and grind and all that stuff around ten or eleven years ago. However there were bands who started as noise like Death, Possessed, Carcass and Napalm Death who were able to progress and put other sound in with their noise. So it can be done. I have heard a lot of good things about the new Deicide. Not enough to make me buy it yet, but I may.

The Mule said...

Hails, a Chaosbeard update! Epitaph is a great album. I hesitate to describe a DM album as "fun," but I certainly get a kick out of it. I'm gonna take it to work and give it another listen today.

Chaosbeard said...

What's funny is that I was recently at a friends place and he pulled out Possessed's Seven Churches on LP. It's pretty shocking how good the production was for the time and the Larry LaLonde connection is pretty cool. Who knew Primus' roots were Bay area thrash? (Blind Illusion - thanks Vim).
And I agree about this record being fun. Probably because it's fun-ny in the sense that it's so crackers.
"my last post wasn't that long ago" he thought. "november 2nd? yeeesh".

Metal Mark said...

Blind Illusion? Yes, I have the Sane Asylum on vinyl, but probably have not heard it in years. I will have to pull it and give it a spin some time soon.

#_# said...

Dude, that's an incredibly neat trick you pulled with placing the track inside of the album art. How did you do that? It's probably embarassing simple, I fail at blogging.

VimFuego said...

what's all this Blind Illusion talk. check out Biederman, Lalonde and Miner in action here at some house party....claypool took the day off.


I protest! bring back the the paint jpg alterations! who the fuck cares what some unnamed celeb does anyways. no one readin this. that's fo sho.