Sunday, June 04, 2006


There's nothing like being really impressed by a band that you expected very little from. Especially when you'd heard them before and not been convinced. I saw Chimaira a few years ago when they opened for Soilwork and I don't know, maybe I wasn't in the mood but I just couldn't get into it. They're newest record came out last summer and I probably would never have given it a chance either had I not read the review on Blabbermouth. It was pretty positive and most importantly stressed the fact that it was a rewarding listen if given the chance. I'm glad I gave it the chance.

These guys really dug deep with this self-titled album. Lots and lots of riffs, solid grooves and it gets better and better every time you listen to it. For a while I just kept going back to it and I still do. It's like they found a style that really worked for them and went to town with it.

One of the things about this record that really stands out is their positive abuse of chugging low riffage combined with fast double-bass drumming. If you're familiar with Morbid Angel you'll know what I'm talking about. This album has so much of that but it's just so damn catchy that I'll be damned if you don't nod your head to it. The best way for me to describe their music is that it's really satisfying. Those of us who listen to metal know what it's like to feel the anticipation of a great moment and these guys have seemingly mastered that 'moment'.

Pray for All - It was another tough choice for Chaosbeard but I went with this one because it captures what I'm talking about. Big big moments.
:15 - the riff/double bass, start nodding your head.
:59 - keep nodding your head but raise your fist in the air.
1:20 - while half-time sections can normally cause a song to lose momentum it is welcome this time because it is fore-shadowing a killer moment.
2:12 - killer moment.
So the song pretty much carries on ruling while introducing riff after riff with the odd lead showing up. Seriously, give this full album a chance because it's really memorable and worthwhile.

Their MYSPACE has a few more songs from the new album, one being the first song called 'Nothing Remains' which has the same type of 'moment' at :47. Prepare to be satisfied.

Sidenote: A Chimaira is some kind of mythic beast with two heads, one being a lion the other a goat, the body is half of each animal and the tail is a snake. The cover of the new record is the three skulls of these animals and they form a triangle. It looks pretty cool.


Metal Mark said...

I just heard this album the other day. It's good for sure, but other than the awesome production I am not sure it does anything new. I would say at least half of the album sounds like it could have been done in like 1993. Overall it reminds me a bit of Kreator and maybe early Sepultura, but a little cleaner sound. Although I just listened to this album, the latest from In flames and the new one from some band called Atreyu and Chimaria was the best of the three.

Chaosbeard said...

Yeah, I hear what you're saying. I do agree that they're not exactly breaking new ground with this release and on my first few listens I enjoyed it but wasn't fully convinced. The sum of the great parts though kept bringing me back to it until I really found myself enjoying it. You're definitely right about the production, really clean and the drums sound great.

As for Atreyu it just doesn't seem fair to throw them in the ring with Chimaira and In Flames. They don't stand much of a chance.

Also strange how people come down on In Flames claiming some sort of huge change in style over the past few years. Especially considering that they've pretty much always had more of a laid back approach with some thrashier numbers mixed in. Anyway I think Come Clarity is a good record and one that I'm sure will show up here sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

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