Wednesday, April 26, 2006


When I heard that the band I’m in was playing with Threat Signal I obviously checked them out. That was January ’05 and, well, let’s just say they’ve come a long way since then. I was immediately impressed with what I had heard and knew that they had the potential to do huge things. Fast forward 9 months and they’re in California recording their debut record with Christian from Fear Factory. A few months later and they’re signed with Nuclear Blast Europe. Oh wait, they’re playing this festival? With Venom? Did you say Opeth? Satyricon and Arch Enemy? Riiight. What’s that? A tour in the fall with Darkest Hour, Mnemic and Soilwork? Yeah, that’s not so bad. What, there's more? This better be it, both guitarists and the bass player are now endorsed by ESP? Damn.

We played with them again in April ’06 and it was cool to see a local band that’s just on the verge. Me, “good job with all the stuff you guys have going on”, Kyle “dream come true”, no doubt.

Their tunes are techy, thrashy and really syncopated-y. Good stuff, great production. Their myspace has a couple of songs from the new record that you can listen to or download so check them out as they might actually be a Canadian metal band you’ll hear of at some point.

One Last Breath is pretty up tempo and the drums are great. The first lead has an interesting Middle Eastern sound which is cool, the 2nd is pretty chaotic. Highlights - :26 ting ting ting ting DUNUUUH!! That hits really hard. Cool layered vocals, one of the biggest changes from the demo. Nice breakdown at the 2:00 mark.

Rational eyes – The Meshuggah influence definitely comes through on this one. Good melodic/harmonized vox. This song is just breakdown after breakdown with a number of variations on a theme which makes something familiar out of something complicated.

A New Beginning - Pretty huge, vocals everywhere. Some big changes in note selection from the demo in the riffage and chord progressions.

Counterbalance - Well, one of the unheard ones. Interesting dare I say 'old school' elements? It's a guitar party. Ambitious and pretty dynamic.

Kyle, Jon, Rich, Marco and George – Congrats

Go HERE to listen

Sidenote: The recorded drums were performed by a different drummer but the spot has been replaced by the more than capable hands of George. Go HERE for proof.


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