Thursday, May 18, 2006


Here it is. You want to know what I'm listening all the time? The new Decapitated record. This thing killlllls. What these guys have accomplished in this bands career to date is pretty remarkable.
Let's examine this, Decapitated were formed in 1996, released their first demo in '97, an indie full length in '98 and the follow up on Earache in 2000. What's most notably interesting about this is that the average age of each band-member in 1996 was 14....FOURTEEN. So when 2000's Winds of Creation was released they were, well you figure it out. Now, 18 year olds(in case you didn't figure it out) releasing a record isn't
that big of a deal except these guys absolutely shredded/ripped/slayed/destroyed etc. They've released four more records since Winds and to say that their skill in light of their age isn't staggering would be like saying something really clever that you would normally see on some smart ass blog.

Ok, Organic Halucinosis, the new release. First of all I should say that while I've always enjoyed the music these guys have put together I was never a fan of the vocals. Too much growl, not enough bite. They now have a new vocalist and his style is much cooler(oh yeah, they're Polish so his vox sound a bit more like Vaders do, VADER! POLSKI!), either way, a step in the right direction. This record is pretty short with only 7 songs but what they lack in length they make up for in content and prolificacy.

Day 69 - Here we go. What
should hopefully jump out at you right away is the main riff. The part that makes you think 'how come I've never heard a guitar part go like that before?'. You know what I'm talking about, THAT DAMN ONE NOTE BEND!!! GENIUS!!! Ugh, this song makes me tired. And the weird drum break? Wow. I also really enjoy how at the end of the song the rest of the band cuts out and seemingly leaves the singer high and dry, 'NO PLACE TO...'. Way to screw with the new guy. Awesome. The thing is that in my opinion this isn't the best song on the record but people just have to hear that bennnnnnnnnnd.

Sidenote: Damn


Metal Mark said...

Kreator and Death Angel were teenagers when they did their debut albums. It always amazes me when guys are that young and putting out good albums.

Paul said...
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Paul said...

Totally, and insane chops too. Some serious misspent(aka well-spent) youth in the woodshed there.